About the Author:

     With each new novel Chan raises the stakes and the pulse-rate.

Transcending its genre,

     Robert N. Chan, a founder of the New York City boutique law firm,

Ferber Chan Essner & Coller, LLP, has been litigating for 35 years with

appalling success. He has been a subject of a 1 hour interview on

PRN.FM in 2014. His novels have inspired pride, envy, lust, gluttony,

anger, greed, and sloth.

     His eight prior novels, Lying in Wait, To Gain the Whole World, Painting a Burning House, Apparitions, Axe of God, Science Fiction, Bad Memory and The Bad Samaritan have been hailed as transformative underground classics of unparalleled brilliance and people who read them actually enjoyed them. With each new novel Chan raises the stakes and the pulse- rate.  Transcending its genre, Lying In Wait, features a sadistic genius, who creates true life stories and tabloid headlines by luring real people to their deaths. He selects a woman damaged as a  young  teen by horrific  sexual  abuse to be his next victim. But he underestimates her inner strength, the beguiling charms or a precocious eight-year old orphan, and her ability to engineer a turn of events that even fiendishly clever psycopath could not have imagined. To Gain the Whole World is the first and best book to tell the definitive story of the 2016 Presidential election, revealing the inside-the-beltway details about the falsely convicted rapist who seeks the Republican nomination and the political operative whose overweening ambition to be First Lady has such momentous consequences, both intended and unintended. Painting the Burning House is smart timely thriller with heart, a sense of humor, and a psychotic heroine, explores the meaning of faith in a world whose every turn suggests disbelief, distrust, and doubt. The Bad Samaritan is a smart, sexy financial thriller with a sense of humor is also a roman à clef, illuminating the financial skullduggery that almost destroyed the world economy. Never has a financial crisis been such fun, as The Bad Samaritan puts the thrill back in thriller. Bad Memory, co-authored with notorious fugitive Zahirah Abdullah (even she doesn't know her real name), exposes the ghastly gutbusting truth about international terrorism, sending Abdullah underground while Chan gloms the royalties, basks in adoration and dodges the occasional bullet. Science Fiction is an edgy hilarious novel with a great grasp of the human tragicomedy-its dimensions, its absurdities and horrors. Axe Of God fulfills the promise of Apparitions and leaves readers waiting for the third like strung out, shivering addicts. Apparitions, dubbed the funniest thriller of the millennium, back when the millennium was still a big deal,  is his first novel.
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