Jed Caplan, a lawyer who has written a stack of unpublished

novels, is unnerved when he encounters one of his fictional

characters in the flesh. Then his most fascinating creation, a

brilliant and seductive thrill-killer, takes a romantic interest in him.

Intoxicated by their kinky sex, Jed stops caring whether she is a

figment of his imagination or a living psychopath. Then she

vanishes along with all evidence that she ever existed. Have the

pressures of divorce, fatherhood, and his cutthroat law practice

driven Jed crazy? Or is he the target of a vengeful conspiracy? He

runs from one false lead to another until he discovers the

horrifying truth, and realizes he must bend it to his own advantage.

By slaying his own demons, Jed reveals the dark underside of the

glittering world of the New York legal elite and comes to

understand true love.

     Apparitions may be the funniest thriller of the millennium, or it

might merely be the wisest, sexiest and most provocative book of

the century. The critics are split. You decide.

Previously Anticipated Advance Praise:

See why everyone is reading this thriller by star commercial litigator

Robert N. Chan and why it is the book that the entire publishing industry

is talking about.

"Works better than the Atkins Diet and a hell of a lot more fun,"

- Peg Stone.

"Chan is sharper than a razor, also funnier. There isn't a flaccid line in

this uniquely perceptive, flawlessly imagined, nail-bitingly suspenseful

and gloriously eccentric thriller. A clear-eyed portrayal of imperfect

humanity and a heck of a good read which educates as well as


- Saul Stein.

"A soaring celebration of the victory of love over treachery,"

- Jed Cole.

"Second best book I never read,"

- George W. Bush.

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