Only eleven percent of those recently polled correctly identified

the birthplace of the president of the United States, but more than

sixty-five percent responded that Saul Stein hailed from Tarsus,

Turkey and was the child of freelance terrorists. Yet, in actual fact,

neither he nor his parents ever set foot in the Middle East. Now,

finally, the true story of the man the tabloids christened “The Axe of

God” and “The Invisible MANiac.”

     Undoubtedly the greatest book ever written about an invisible

axe murderer, an unnatural blonde and a New York City

psychotherapist who believes himself to be the Second Coming of

Jesus, Axe of God explores the psychological similarities between

psychopathic killers and inspired religious leaders. This fast paced

thriller is guaranteed to make you think as you alternately bite your

nails and laugh.

Previously Anticipated Advance Praise:

"By comparison The Da Vince Code is something smelly wedged in

a crack in a shoe."

 - Lonny Fiedler

"Chan has created a masterpiece of a frightening tale that will send

shivers down your spine and keep you up at night. You will never forget

the name,  ' Saul Stein, ' no matter how hard you try. This is an

outstanding novel that paints a nightmarish world with evil so terrifying it

makes us shiver with ever word that is read.  This book will make you

thank your lucky stars that it's only fiction...... or is it ?"

- Jed Chance

"Phew! what a knockout! unrelenting tension, stomach-churning drama. I 

haven't yet decided if Axe Of God is a thoroughly engrossing satirical

novel or a hilarious nail-biting thriller. Chan manages to make the reader

see beyond labels and superficial constraints with humor and empathy.

Brilliant—read it! " 

- Prefers to remain anonymous.

"Will stick to your mind like a peculiarly beneficial case of herpes."

- Peg Stone

"I read it three times: first for the clever lines and the exhilarating plot,

then for the insights and wisdom and finally to highlight those portions

which I wanted to memorize and quote. I can't think of another book that

succeeds quite so brilliantly in intertwining humor, excitement, kinky sex

and mind-blowing insight. It has it all. I've gotten sick of lawyers turned

writers; Grisham and the like; but this guy really can write, and, I suspect,

can lawyer as well."

- Luriel Redding

"I didn't know any of this stuff."

- George W. Bush

"Blasphemy!!! Makes case for legally justified lynching of these so-called

clever authors who use the devil's words to amuse, titillate and twist the

mind. Chan should be burned on a pile of his own books."

- Counsil Of Conserned Christians For the Repeal Of The Bill of Rights

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