A trusted member of her ultra-Orthodox Jewish community rapes

fifteen-year-old Hannah in the back room of a Brooklyn kosher

butcher shop. Unwilling to succumb to her parents’ demand that

she blame a homeless black man, she runs away. Alone and armed

only with an indomitable spirit, quirky sense of humor, and

unyielding intolerance for hypocrisy and injustice she must make

her way on the mean and unfamiliar New York City streets.

Previously Anticipated Praise:

The story of a woman who overcomes the ultimate violation to

become whole, believe in herself and carry out her mission of

repairing the world. girl combines intrigue, adventure and romance

that will bring you tears and ultimately joy. Jonathan Franzen, in

exchange for a future blurb-back

Packs the punch of an NFL running back. Janay Palmer Rice

The greatest book by one of America’s least loved writers, girl says what

has to be said the way it has to be said. Now civilization can move

forward and try to heal. Anonymous critic in hiding from an ISIS fatwa

Exciting, hilarious, sexy, and deeply moving, this portrait of the flowering

of a self-liberated woman is far and away better than Anna Karenina for

all the latter’s dramatic posturing. Reading girl was the most fun I’ve had

since annexing Crimea. Vladimir Putin

No wonder this country is sliding off the edge of the cliff. Ted Cruz

Soon to be a major motion picture in a parallel universe where people are blessed with exquisite taste
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