Penn Stone creates tabloid-worthy stories by luring former lovers

to grisly deaths. Stories are the hallmark of civilization. So when he

manipulates and kills, he does it for the sake of civilization. Besides,

it’s fun.

    Beautiful, witty, and damaged, by the unspeakable things done to

her when she was abducted at age eleven, Lucinda McConnell

seems the perfect victim. To break her will, Penn expertly plays out

a twisted scenario, but no longer the defenseless victim, she has

other ideas.

Anticipated Praise:

"Lucinda McConnell is the hottest heroine since Eurydice. Penn

Stone is the most thrilling psychopath since Caligula."

- Sir Reginald Asquith professor of classical studies at Balliol College


"Lying in Wait does for psychopaths and victims of sexual abuse

what Moby Dick did for whales."

- Ishmael Jones PhD chairman of Cetology Department Woods Hole

Oceanographic Institution

"Psychological perceptiveness on steroids. Bobby Bonds

Funniest book on sexual abuse ever written."

- Elena Thompson head librarian Library of Congress

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Robert N. Chan