For a fat fee, Z dresses as a chicken and harasses lawyers until

they respond to her employers’ unreturned phone calls. She can’t

remember ever doing anything else. Indeed, she can’t remember

anything that happened more than four months ago. That isn’t a

problem until a mysterious Mr. Wilson starts using increasingly

gruesome threats to compel her to kill Abbey Cotton, the blonde

liberal-basher who has become an embarrassment to Wilson’s

rightwing movement. Though Z discovers that she has a wide range

of assassin’s skills (which she cannot remember acquiring), she

refuses Wilson’s offer and becomes a hunted woman as well as a

haunted one. Are her recurring daydream images ill-defined

snippets of memory or something far worse? As Wilson’s men close

in, can she find a way to recover her past, kill and discredit Wilson,

and find romance? Or is she too chicken to carry it through?

     A must read for anyone who wants to understand the true

hidden menace of international terror, to read a darn good thriller

or to have a couple of hundred mean-spirited belly laughs. Not for

those who cannot afford the cover price.

Previously Anticipated Advance Praise:

“This stunning new thriller provides a resonant meditation on the

American dream, while raising the beguiling question who exactly is co-

author Zahirah Abdullah? A symphonic masterpiece, Bad Memory, is

apocalyptic, brilliant, and evocative of the entire spectrum of human

emotions. Oh, and did I mention that it’s laugh-out-loud funny and


- Rob Kahn, New York, New York

"It's been a long time since I've read such a stirring, thriller that has made

me go through so many emotions. A serious page-turner with a sense of


- Spencer Knoll, Cambridge, Massachusetts

“A witty, angry, roman á clef that so surpasses Chan’s previous work in its

strangeness, beauty, and scope as to make it clear that he is a shill for

Zahirah Abdullah.”

- Z, Somewhere in the South Atlantic

“There’s nothing sexier than a stone-cold killer with a dynamite body and

a nitroglycerin sense of humor.”

- Name withheld, The White House, Washington, D.C.

“While Zahirah Abdullah certainly shouldn’t be tortured, a little

waterboarding would do her a world of good, particularly if afterwards

she is drawn and quartered, burned at the stake, disemboweled, and

mutilated in public. As for that little shit Chan…”

- Richard Cheney, c/o A Bunker, Somewhere in Wyoming, United States of


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