Just Released!

No Such Agency

Special offer: three minutes of legal advice free of charge for every book buyer

Anticipated Praise:

Based on not yet released NSA documents, No Such Agency is an international espionage story that transcends genre. Moving, hilarious, erotic, and revelatory, no secret documents can match it for sweep and overwhelming brilliance.    - Edward Snowden

When the press thought I was speaking about my emails, I was actually referring to No Such Agency. I deeply apologize for any confusion that may have caused. Contrary to what you may have heard from right wing talk radio, Chan’s brilliant beautiful book has not been marked classified. Buy it before it is. - Hillary Clinton

I own only one pair of underwear and one book—No Such Agency—and I prefer the book.  - Bernie Sanders

If all readers had guns, No Such Agency would never have been written. - Wayne LaPierre

I’m going to tear up No Such Agency my first day in office, then build a big beautiful wall around Chan and make him pay for it, believe me. If my fingers were longer, I’d strangle Chan. - Donald Trump

There should be a trigger warning on every page; get me to a safe space, now. - Anonymous college student.

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Robert N. Chan