This smart, sexy financial thriller with a sense of humor is also a

roman à clef, illuminating the financial skullduggery that almost

destroyed the world economy. Never has a financial crisis been

such fun, as The Bad Samaritan puts the thrill back in thriller.

     Blithe, a prostitute, and Cole, a homeless man and convicted

child molester, encounter some really bad people. Scoundrels

become heroes, heroes transmogrify into scoundrels and a bullet

from Blithe’s gun kills a beloved captain of industry. With Blithe

under arrest for a murder she probably didn’t commit, only Cole

can save her. To do so he needs to extricate himself from a scheme

to bring about a total economic collapse. Desperate, he turns to the

most depraved person he knows.

Previously Anticipated Advance Praise:

"Why doesn’t anybody ever tell me these things?"

 - Alan Greenspan, Certified Financial Genius.

"Chan puts the thrill back in thriller."

- Keyser Söze, New York Review of Books.

"The sound of one hand clapping amplified to a cacophony of


- J D Salinger, posthumously.

"The greatest book ever written about the financial crisis, a prostitute, a

wrongfully convicted child molester, and some really bad people."

- Micheko Kakuteni, New York Tines.

"Like standing by God when he said let there be light."

- David Berkowitz, Sullivan Correctional Facility.

Not what Jesus would read, ya betcha.

- Sarah Palin, failed candidate, failed governor, successful multi-


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Robert N. Chan